29 August 2013

St Petersburg

A number of people have said how much they liked the last lot of photos, so I thought I should probably post some more. Those of you who have read The Space in Between know that Rundāle Palace figures in the story, but even St Petersburg (then called Petrograd) is an important location.

20 August 2013

The Great Barrier Reef

This post is completely 'on its own' - it has absolutely nothing to do with my book but everything to do with present-day greed and destruction of natural resources. The following quote from  Avaaz:

"... Australia’s legendarily irresponsible mining industry has a new plan: while the planet faces catastrophic climate change, build the world’s largest coal mining complex, and then build a shipping lane to that port straight through the greatest ecological treasure we have - the Great Barrier Reef!

(...) If one million of us express our head-shaking disbelief at this crazy project in the next few days, we can help get Aurizon to pull funding and maybe even persuade the Australian PM to step in."

If you are interested in helping to save The Great Barrier Reef, click here.

17 August 2013

Time has obviously got away on me, but I will attempt to rectify it with this post. Those of you who are from Australia will know that we have an election looming on the horizon, and, at the moment, the two main Parties are attempting to outdo each other by coming up with the cruellest policy to deter refugees from seeking asylum in Australia. It is very sad. No one consciously decides to be a refugee or an asylum seeker, but when a person is placed in such a dreadful position, usually through war or social upheaval, he/she should be welcomed and cared for. As those of you who have read The Space in Between know, Nina herself fled in a small boat: imagine if she had been met with the same derision and calculated cruelty as many of today's asylum seekers. For some reason, the expression 'Between the devil and deep blue sea' springs to mind; perhaps, in this situation, it is extremely apt. 

11 August 2013

Thank you

National Bookshop Day went well with plenty of sunshine, balloons, happy faces and interested shoppers. Thank you to all of you who dropped by, and, to those of you who purchased a copy of my book, I hope that it brings you much enjoyment.

The photo on the left is from Rundāle Palace in southern Latvia. It is a place that figures significantly in the second part of the book, and I will be posting more photos in a day or two.

08 August 2013

World Book Lovers' Day

Tomorrow, the 9th August, is World Book Lovers' Day, when it will be important to make your books aware of the fact that they are loved and cherished. Then, on Saturday, it is, as I have already mentioned, National Bookshop Day  (at least here in Australia).

It was probably a good move putting National Bookshop Day straight after Book Lovers' Day; no doubt the idea is that readers, filled with warm, fuzzy feelings after celebrating Book Lovers' Day, will rush out and buy even more books with which they can share their adulation and appreciation.

Hopefully, some of these readers will find their way to the Book Bazaar in Umina (see information to the left of this Post). I will be there between 11.00 and 12.00, and, between 9.00 and 10.00, you can meet Melanie Lee with her wonderful picture book A Girl in the World. Although I have not met the other two authors - Beverley George (10.00 - 11.00) and Merle Bartlett (12.00 - 13.00) - I have heard that their books are also worth a lot of love.

07 August 2013

More about books...

 “A man's bookcase will tell you everything you'll ever need to know about him." Walter Mosley

"No one who can read ever looks at a book, even unopened on a shelf, like one who cannot." Charles Dickens

05 August 2013


Cicero famously said: 'A home without books is like a body without a soul.'

When we enter any home, it is the presence (or absence) of books on shelves, on tables or simply piled on the floor that talks to us first. When there are lots of books, we are aware of the many ideas and voices competing for space, and it is this that makes the home interesting, but, when there are no books, the home becomes dull and unexciting.

Nowadays, the trend is to read e-books on small electronic tablets, and, for many people, physical books have already been labelled 'yesterday'. The converts elaborate about convenience, space-saving and the ease of reading, amazing over the number of books that can be stored on these devices.  However, an electronic tablet will always remain just that, no matter how many books it might happen to contain. And when there is only an electronic tablet and no physical books, the home becomes, as Cicero so aptly put it, 'a body without a soul'.

01 August 2013

The discounted book offer is now finished; however, there will be a new book giveaway later in the year.