30 September 2012

There is to be a new draw for a free copy of The Space in Between. The draw will take place on the 15th November, and, if you want to be part of the draw, you can register by CLICKING HERE  Don't miss out. As they say: you have to be in it to win it.  

25 September 2012

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me privately regarding The Space in Between; your comments have been very encouraging. If any of you would like to leave a short comment on any of the online book sites (for example: Amazon, The Nile, AdLibris), your effort would be greatly appreciated. Many prospective readers/buyers base their choice of book on such comments or reviews.

Someone contacted me recently, wondering about the point of delving into the tragedies of past history. Although he liked the book, he felt that mankind, as a whole, would be in a better place if it could discard negative memories and concentrate only on positive realities. An interesting thought; however, I fear that this could very quickly lead to a repetition of the negative and a minimization of the positive. We need to focus on the positive; however (as any Jew would tell you) to forget atrocities connected with our past is a sure way of seeing them repeated - not necessarily in the same form but repeated nonetheless. Relatively speaking, few books have been written about Latvia during the two world wars. People need to know what happened there and why, not only to encourage understanding of present-day Latvia but also, hopefully, to ensure that such things do not happen again, not anywhere. This is, of course, a fairly feeble hope, given the state of the world at the moment; however, unless people are aware of the depths to which they can fall, there is very little chance of them avoiding the edge of the drop.

11 September 2012

Everyone has a story. Even lives that appear to be completely mundane, and without any kind of drama, are stories. Thoughts, expectations and dreams weave themselves around all the things that appear ordinary and without any particular interest, and the story is born. We are told that the man was born, lived and died - it is a small story in itself. We are told that he was born on the top of a mountain and that he died on an island in the middle of a lake. Immediately, our interest is caught: how did he get from the mountain to the lake? And why did he descend the mountain? Perhaps the questions help create the story, or perhaps they merely help it unfold. Different questions will unravel different stories - all part of the one story.